Bio's After 50 Years

Work Bio:
September 1964 - June 1970: KSU Veterinary College
January 1971- January 1973: US Air Force stationed at Nellis AFB Nevada
January 1973- May 1976: Associate veterinarian at Loveland Veterinary Clinic
Loveland, Colorado
June 1976- February 1977: Relief veterinarian
February 1977 - opened my own mixed animal practice in Berthoud, CO.
June 2012 - sold practice
June 2012 - June 2014: worked part time for new clinic owners
June 1, 2014 - retired

Family Bio:
January 25, 1969 - Married Pat Widman, at De Smet, SD. 20 below and 10 feet of snow.

3 Children: Michael, Amy and Stephanie

7 Grandchildren: All good-looking and smart like me

Travel, skiing, tennis and mowing the lawn. Oh, and the “Honey do” list.
Jim Doggett 1964
Jim Doggett 2014
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Frank Rudolph (Rudy) Douthit
Bob Moberly
Bob Moberly 1964
Donna Larson Werhan
Donna Larson 1964
Gary Walker
Gary Walker 1964
Stanly Schlepp
Stanly Schlepp 1964
Stanly Schlepp 2014
Gary Walker 2014
Richard Horwege
Richard Horwege 1964
Richard Horwege 2014
Judi Miller
Judi Miller 1964
Judi Miller 2014
Sheila Schlepp Davis
Sheila Schlepp 1964
Sheila Schlepp Davis 2014
Jay Jackson
Jay Jackson 1964
Jay Jackson 2014
Gary Pershall
Gary Pershall 1964
Gary Pershall 2014
Sandra Rogers Pershall
Sandra Rogers 1964
Sandra Rogers Pershall 2014
Frank Rudolph (Rudy) Douthit 1964
Frank Rudolph (Rudy) Douthit 2014
James R.  Doggett
Verla Raile Inness
Verla Raile 1964
Verla Raile Inness 2014

W. Stephen Wilson

Left my home town of St. Francis after my sophomore year in high school and graduated high school in La Crosse, Kansas, and even smaller town. Went off to college at M.I.T. for undergraduate school and then stayed and got my Ph.D. in mathematics in 1972. I taught at Princeton University from 1972 to 1978 when I moved to Baltimore and have been teaching mathematics at Johns Hopkins University every since then.

Got married to Norma Kriger from South Africa in 1990. She also has her Ph.D. from M.I.T., but in political science. We still live in the same high rise condo since 1987, just a block or two from my office. We have one kid, Saul Kriger Wilson, who is just graduating from M.I.T. with a major in mathematics and another in China studies. He is headed off for China for a year after the reunion.  
Steve Wilson
Charles (Chuck) Sperry